The Health Enhancement Company, Inc.

Link to HEC president Donna DeFalco

HEC is a twenty-five year-old service and consulting entity based in  New York with a mission to address emerging health and stress issues in the corporate environment with unique, cost efficient solutions.

The Health Enhancement Company’s programs specifically target corporate executives and employees who are subject to stress and long hours behind a computer , tablet or texting. Study after study has indicated that the stiff necks, lower back pain and wrist injuries common to computer users often lead to increased absenteeism, lower productivity and serious physical conditions. Similarly, stress related health disorders have become a nagging corporate issue, with great financial and organizational consequences.

The Health Enhancement Company approaches these problems with an emphasis on prevention and employee involvement.  To date HEC is the largest provider of on-site massage around the globe. HEC has also provided ergonomic education to more than 5,000 employees. With the emphasis on cost-effective solutions to the growing list of health and stress issues associated with computer-based employment. The Health Enhancement Company has created many new innovative programs such as On-site acupuncture and Knowledge2Action  our newest targeted wellness program addressing musculoskeletal health, disease prevention strategies, stress management and health lifestyles.