Additional Bodywork Techniques

Additional Bodywork Techniques

The Health Enhancement Company offers many additional bodywork techniques including:

Reflexology – an ancient Egyptian technique that uses the feet as a mirror to our body. The physical benefits of foot reflexology include: promoting relaxation, improving circulation and encouragement of the body to heal itself improving your overall well being and state of mind.

Hand Massage – provides various health benefits such as improved finger and wrist range of motion, enhanced circulation and reduction of  hyper-irritable nodules—in your hand muscles. The hands contain many acupressure and reflexology points, which are associated with your organs and certain parts of your body.

Acupressure – often called acupuncture without the needles. Instead of needles, acupressure involves the application of manual pressure (usually with the fingertips) to specific points on the body.

Aromatherapy – combines the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage. The oils, which come from plants, are highly concentrated and very powerful. Essential oils possess natural healing properties – without harmful side-effects according to chiropractors.

Roaming Massage – bring the modalities to the people rather than trying to draw people a special location. A Licensed massage therapist will team up with another
 professional such as a Physical therapist, yoga practitioner, or Ergonomic practitioner offering quick tips for posture, stretching, and ideas for reviving and recharging.

Event Massage – keep your target audience engaged and create a buzz at your booth!  It is rare that
 a potential customer will turn down a free chair massage, hand massage or foot
massage! Our uniquely designed 10 minute sessions give increase traffic and give
 you ample opportunity to sell your product or service.

Health fair Massage – chair massage at your health fair is a great way to promote the benefits of
 stress management and overall wellness. Additionally it makes your event fun
 and increases participation.