Balanced Lifestyle

Balanced Lifestyle

HEC philosophy is to explore with employees what a healthy body is and bring awareness to learning to listen to what the body/mind needs right now. Our  goal is to keep your employees running at optimal health, helping employers lower medical costs so that your company can continue to grow at a healthy pace with healthy, happy and motivated employee.

The Health Enhancement Company develops programs that work in concert with the most recent health studies stating that wellness is a lifestyle and must be practiced everyday to have lasting and effective results. Check with Personal Trainers at Trophy Fitness Club

A balanced lifestyle is having different elements of our life in balance. Elements include physical, mental, emotional, social, financial and spiritual. A balanced lifestyle is at the core of our our well being and encompasses peace of mind, positive outlook, eating better, emotional well being, fitness, sleeping well, financial health, intimacy and sense of meaning. We get help sometimes from this health blog offers advice.

“Researchers estimate that 30% of longevity is due to heredity and that 70% is the consequence of our beliefs, attitudes, coping skills and lifestyle.” Michael Brickey PhD.

Balanced Lifestyle Programs Inclue:

Healthy Urban Adventures





Balance East/West Medicine


Tai Chi

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