Company Information

Company Information

HEC is the one global source for addressing emerging health and stress issues in the corporate environment. Providing unique cost efficient solutions to the forward thinking company.

HEC has worked with 100 of the Fortune 500 companies, creating fun, functionally focused, onsite events and customized at-the-desk programs to help employees live and work injury free. Our unique mix of experience and expertise in the field of health and wellness makes us the right choice to address your human resource health and stress issues.With a network of over 700 certified and/or licensed professionals throughout the US and Europe, HEC is uniquely qualified to design and implement a variety of customized health and wellness programs to meet specific business goals.

Each case is unique but the problem is universal – we need to change the behavior of those at risk, without singling out specific employees.

What makes HEC such a valuable resource:

    • Our national and global reach
    • 20+ years of industry experience
    • Unmatched consulting expertise and resources that put health and stress issues in context
    • A commitment to viewing every wellness need from our customers point of view
    • A continuum of capabilities from consulting to education to services that enable us to create tailored program design to address core health and stress issues common to all corporate environments.

We have forged long-term relationships with Human Resource decision makers who view HEC as a valuable partner.