HEC offers educational courses and videos.

Massage Therapy Courses and Certified Trainings

Tension Breaker Certification Course : Tension Breaker® is an on-site chair massage and evaluation therapy designed for the corporate environment. HEC offers a two-level certification program qualifying students for 32 CEU’s. More information.

Workshops For Massage Therapists : HEC offers a variety of workshops for massage therapists including Ergonomics, Teacher Trainings in TensionBreaker, Body Mechanics for Seasoned Therapists, The Business Behind Corporate Massage, etc. More information. Massage Therapist Center Announcements : From HEC staff. Includes corporate bookings, events, future projects, massage therapist messages, etc. View Announcements. HEC Forms : Downloadable forms include: Therapist Daily Work Log, Order Forms. View Forms.

Ergonomics In The Workplace
Ergonomics programs will include Enhanced Touch Ergonomic Workshop, Ergo-Eval, Ergo-Scan, Ergo-Team, and Kid-Ego. Courses will explore interplay between posture and the workstation, job site analysis, offsite photo/video scan analysis, development of a ergonomic team and education about the do’s and don’ts of computers and video games from posture to design.

Business & Marketing I & II
This class will bring the student through all the levels of business. Creating a business & marketing plan, contracts, accounting, setting up an on-site business, creating and implementing corporate events.

Body Mechanics
Students will learn how to correct their own body mechanics to prevent injury and will begin to learn the skill of how to see and correct poor mechanics in their students.

Teacher Training I
Students will perfect the TensionBreaker technique, student teaches a class with supervision. Students will have to assist a minimum of two classes prior to participating in the Teacher Certification Course.

Teacher Certification
Instructors will market their own class. After class all registered students will be evaluated on what they have been taught. Once instructor and students have met criteria Instructor will be certified to market and teach the TensionBreaker® Level I Course. Students will receive credit for Level I.