Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment

Our objective regarding individual assessments is to be able to educate employees on how to reduce the risk of ergonomic injury and when necessary, correctly identify issues that can become a medical problem.

Our goal is to help educate new-hires as well as seasoned employees on the importance of office ergonomics and to help them understand that preventative measures begin with them. Implementation of this protocol will also contribute to employee productivity and possibly reduce insurance costs if moving forward the program is properly administered and tracked by the client corporation. Ergonomic assessments are divided into three categories: Education, Symptomatic, and Medical.


  1. Photo documentation of workstation: before and after
  2. Written report and assessment for employer review
  3. A suggested protocol for change and implementation

The result of an interactive program (education, assessment, discussion and implantation) is:

  1. Employees who think about their physical bodies in relation to their workstation
  2. Employees who actively participate in and take responsibility for their own health in the workplace
  3. Employees who are less stressed and less prone to injury and more productive