Massage Programs

Massage Programs


The Health Enhancement Company has been providing massage therapy programs to corporations for over 25 years. Our signature massage program Tensionbreaker® is designed specifically for the corporate environment and uses gentle manipulation to release muscular tension and increase circulation. HEC provides additional Bodywork Techniques including acupressure, aromatherapy, reflexology, etc.

The American workforce has become so sedentary, so static that the chance of injury has grown immensely. Check san diego downtown. Employees are constantly engaged in technology – the computer, smartphone, tablet, TV, video games – both at work and at home.  Injury is on the rise.

  • Repetitive strain injuries affect hundreds of thousands of American workers and costs more than $20 billion a year in worker’s compensation.

HEC massage programs provide a break away from the desk to reenergize and revitalize plus employees gain awareness and education about the dangers of sitting in one position too long and the benefits of a body in motion. As with all our programs, massage addresses the four major corporate health concerns: musculoskeletal health, disease prevention, stress management and balanced lifestyle.

Benefits of Massage

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