HEC has worked with 100 of the Fortune 500 companies, creating fun, functionally focused, onsite events and customized at the desk programs to help employees live and work injury free. With a network of over 700 certified and/or licensed professionals throughout the US and Europe, HEC is uniquely qualified to design and implement a variety of customized health and wellness programs to meet specific business goals.

Each case is unique but the problem is universal – we need to change behavior of those at risk, without singling out specific employees. How do we do that? We make it fun so employees want to participate and stay with the program.

HEC will consult with your organization identifying the top cost drivers and create, design and implement creative programs that address musculoskeletal health and prevention, disease prevention, stress awareness and lifestyle balance.

HEC offers complete turnkey programs and consultation services for corporate clients, from events to supplemental materials including handouts, newsletters and helpful tips, reinforcing lessons learned in workshops and lectures.

Working as either an outsource provider, or in concert with existing healthcare providers, HEC provides Proactive Prevention and Rehabilitation Programs addressing key problems areas that are typically under-addressed and drive the bottom line.

HEC Increases Return on Investment 200-300%:

We replace counter-intuitive programs with Knowledge2Action Events, Programs and Simple SEE IT – DO IT – FIX IT ERGO-MOTION. This approach helps:

  • Increase Participation Rate 10-20%
  • Increase Engagement in Programs & Portals 10-40%
  • Change Behaviors of 50% of Program Participants to Address Risk Factors

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