TensionBreaker ®

TensionBreaker ®

TensionBreaker® is HEC’s signature massage program and is designed specifically for the corporate environment. TensionBreaker® is a 20-minute massage that uses gentle manipulation to release muscular tension and increase circulation.

  • Refreshed in 20 minutes – more beneficial than a coffee break
  • Research shows that massage boosts the immune system, lowers blood pressure, decreases symptoms of repetitive strain injury, plus much more
  • 20 minute massage = 2 hour nap in terms of restorative benefits

Benefits of Massage

TensionBreaker® Chair Massage: Using a specially designed chair the therapist will focus on the neck, shoulders,back, arms and hands.  No oils are used. The employee does not remove any clothing.

TensionBreaker® Table Massage Full Body Friday: Friday can be any day of the week. This one-hour table massage experience brings all the benefits of massage to the office.

TensionBreaker® Event Massage: Our uniquely designed 10 minute sessions help increase traffic and give you ample opportunity get your message out and sell your product or service.

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